Leap of Faith

In my last post, I described the months leading up to our decision to move from Texas to Minnesota. We thought that was the hardest part. Little did we know the worst was still to come. No, this post is not going to describe the worst. That comes later. Soon after JL moved, we listed … More Leap of Faith

Family Matters

I have often called myself a procrastinating blogger, because I have this site that I created four years ago, and I have now published a total of three posts. I have written dozens in my head, but I have refrained from posting them for many reasons. I felt like I would be complaining; time limits; … More Family Matters

Starting fresh

I have tried to start a blog a couple times. My heart was not in it, and I felt I had nothing I wanted to write about. I have gone through the common themes and figured out why they will not work for me. I love my kids, but I did not want my blog … More Starting fresh